Rent & Lease to Own Furniture Packages

Company History

Parasol Furniture Dubai has been offering its product since 2006 when Parasol International having found a gap in the market established its indoor furniture business. Soon Parasol Furniture began to provide office furniture and home packages for rent. Since then the company has shown itself as one the most reliable furniture stores in Dubai.

Where are we?

Furniture shops in Dubai are often based in the city centre and Parasol Furniture isn’t an exception. Our showroom is located in one the mayor streets of Dubai, just a few minute drive from the Mall of Emirates.

What do we do?

If you’re going to move into a new apartment or office, you may be interested in furniture rental. Dubai is a city with a huge number of furniture stores but not all of them can guarantee the quality. We offer furniture for rent that withstands the specific weather conditions of the Middle East and comes up with up to 5 years warranties. Parasol Furniture will help you furnish your new home – here you can rent living room furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture and bedroom sets.

Core Competences

Understanding client’s requirements is one of our strengths as well as advising and solution delivery to the customer. We not only provide home furniture and office furniture for rent, but we also give a design advice if needed. Prompt sourcing of the product and swift delivery are other advantages of the company – our clients don’t have to wait for too long to have their apartments in Dubai furnished. Another core competence of Parasol Furniture is custom services and after sales support.

Who are our customers?

Furnished apartments for rent in Dubai may be too expensive and sometimes it’s cheaper to rent the furniture. If you are an owner of a hospitality business, stuff accommodation may be a hardship, as well as office furniture. Parasol Furniture will meet the expectations of individuals, families, government organizations and corporate business owners.

Why are we different

Parasol Furniture has a unique combination of client service, reliability and high quality product. We offer a few contemporary collections of beds and tables, furniture for dining room and everything you may need for room design. Our service helps our clients to move into their property without hassle and it marks us out from other furniture stores.



Our price range begins from 1500 AED per month for a 1 bedroom apartment furniture
and 1900 AED per month for a 2 bedroom apartment essential furniture.
You can find other prices for our furniture online.

Our company also offers a Rent-to-Own program –
you can buy office furniture, for example, and pay for it on a monthly basis.
This may be even more convenient when it comes to rent in Dubai.


What are the benefits and advantages of Parasol Furniture Rental?