Our main advantages

When your mission is to organize the staff accommodation in Dubai in the best possible way, we come to assist you. We help you to meet Employment Equity and accessibility goals by recommending appropriate workplace accommodations for employees with disabilities.You can get fully serviced apartments for the most reasonable price.

Parasol Furniture Dubai offers exclusive offers of suitable accommodations to prevent you from any troubles and allow to hire, retain and promote employees with disabilities.

We make sure to provide you with the best affordable furniture in Dubai that meets a number of basic requirements, including those on hygiene, safety and quality. No need to spend time at furniture stores and other places, we set up the accommodations that fit all needs, and will enhance productivity of your employees by ensuring they have the tools and strategies they require.

Best price and lease to own offer

Keep in mind that the precise details of the rules applied to the accommodation differ from municipality to municipality. If you meet their standards, you can register with the SNF Foundation.

Remember that employment diversity is a good way to raise your organization’s profile, and we are ready to protect your company against any discrimination complaints, though we are sure we provide the best disability-suited apartments in Dubai.

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Consultations and assessment services for staff accommodation in Dubai

Parasol Furniture Dubai deals with interior furniture accommodation for different needs. As a part of its services the company offers advice, consultations, and assessment services to public and private sector companies of all sizes in order to assist them comply with their duty to accommodate people and accessibility standards.

Company supports employers and employees in setting up an inclusive and healthy environment thereby preventing conflict, managing disability, as well as preventing disability through ergonomic evaluations. Company’s consultants offer affordable furniture in Dubai that will help to optimize performance and create diverse, accessible, and healthy workplaces.