Are furnished apartments out of date?
Definitely not!

At Parasol Furniture Dubai, we care about you and your tenants. That is why we offer contemporary furniture rental for all apartment owners.

Today there is no need to spend money in furniture stores in Dubai when the options of furniture rental are available to convert your home into a fine living space no matter who occupies in it – you or your tenants.

What’s Parasol Furniture Dubai
special deal for landlords?

It does not matter if you need to turn your places into completely furnished apartments, or you just need to find the most fitting bedroom set.

We work out special offers of leasing packages to suit your budget. There are different types of furniture rentals in Dubai, and every landlord can get a special offer from us to set up the a beneficial deal.

> You own a network of short term rentals in Dubai and want to figure out the best bedroom furniture types to fit the apartments of yours? Coming to Parasol Furniture Dubai, you will surely find your best choice of a bedroom set and other pieces of furniture

> It is convenient that you may be able to change the furniture in your apartments in Dubai when you or your tenants get tired of it

> The bedroom interiors, the dining room furniture are what attract visitors most. Looking for new tenants, you might want to stand out among other apartments for rent, so be prepared to compete on this fast-blooming market

> With our help you can display any type of kitchen or bedroom furniture and then save by renting the enjoyable interiors furniture your tenants have liked

> Keep tastes of people in mind, offer them dining room furniture or bedroom interiors they will like. It’s a key to success

> You can select our furniture online or find inspiration there

> Apartments for rent market grows bigger each year. Make sure you stand out among other landlord offers of property rental in Dubai. Stick to the fresh ideas and re-decorate apartments with our help any day you want

Parasol Service and Flexibility

> Be sure, the choice of the product solutions is astonishing here

> We provide excellent service. It takes only 3 days to start bringing rent furniture to your apartment

> We offer assistance of dedicated rental managers in case you need an advice before making a choice