Who may be interested in furniture rent?

If you have just moved to Dubai, you may be interested in furniture rental. Dubai is a city where there’s no sense in buying expensive furniture when you can rent it at an affordable price.

Parasol Furniture Dubai offers living room and bedroom furniture package for rent and also gives you a possibility to buy a package and pay for it on a monthly basis. Parasol will help you furnish your living room, kitchen and bedroom.

What services does Parasol Furniture offer?

Parasol Furniture Dubai focuses on offering high quality home furniture rental and sales. You can rent everything you may need for your new apartment, like tables, chairs, sofas, linen packs, beds and even bookshelves.
Our company offers Short-term rental from 1 month and Long-term rental up to one year.

How much does it cost?

If you want to rent furniture for a standard two bedroom apartment, the price is only AED 1,975 per month.
In comparison with buying an essential modern furniture package which will cost around AED 37000, renting home furniture has a huge advantage.

What are the advantages?

If you are moving to UAE from another country, shipping your belongings may be a huge risk and expanse. So in this case renting or leasing home furniture in Dubai would be a good idea.

The process of furniture rent

Parasol Furniture’s main strength is making the process of furniture rental as simple as possible.

We meet with our client in their apartment to understand their requirements. We discuss the furniture package according to our client’s tastes and preferences. Then we deliver a comprehensive proposal to the customer where every item has an associated rental value.

This allows our client to increase or reduce their rental expanse. Once everything is approved and the contract is signed, our team will deliver and install the furniture at any time.

Here are some benefits of leasing furniture:

> It’s cheaper than buying a furniture package or bringing your favorite armchair with you

> You have the option to own the furniture after your lease expires

> We service and repair all the items under lease, there are no hidden costs

> You will have a stress-free departure to UAE, because we will have all rented pieces collected before your departure